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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Big Bang's nemeses: Alternate theories for the origin of the Universe




  • ***NEWS FLASH*** Gravity is caused by relative 3-D EM shadows; to learn more read the book titled, "Big Bang Blasted" by Lyndon Ashmore. Then consider the below explanation which proposes a logical answer to the question, What is gravity?

    Dr. Ashmore, a Physics professor, published scientific evidence to demonstrate that: (i) Interstellar space is not empty, rather it contains electron plasma which absorbs and re-radiates light (EM) on average of an estimated one time per 42,000 ly., and (ii) published a peer-reviewed paper in Galilean Electrodynamics, which scientifically proved EM interaction with electron plasma causes interstellar red-shifting. Thus, the observations made by the Hubble telescope and others during the past two decades, provided the scientific evidence which conclusively disproves the century old Big Bang Theory ("BBT"). The entire space expansion theory is faulty because it wrongly presumed red-shifting was a Doppler effect of some imagined expansion.

    With a proper understanding of the true cause of EM red-shifting, extrapolating what causes gravity is simple:

    FIRST, logic dictates that most EM emitted by all STARS will red-shift to near zero and transform from detectable EM (visible light, radio waves, etc.) to undetectable EM (a/k/a "tired light"), before impacting an atom of matter which is capable of making a final absorption.

    SECOND, powerful lasers have proved that EM imparts kinetic energy to absorbing atoms. Like billiard balls colliding into each other, the kinetic energy transferred to an absorbing atom is a three dimensional vector force. When mass shadows other mass from a very small portion of the "tired light" which mostly passes through mass unimpeded-- the shadowing effects give rise to the perceived effect known as gravity. For thousands of years, humans have perceived mass attracting mass; while being blind to the "tired light" pressure that pushes masses towards each others.

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    By Blogger Stephen Roddy, at Tuesday, June 06, 2017  

  • > Dr. Ashmore

    Ashmore does not have a PhD.

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Wednesday, June 07, 2017  

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