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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Ufology’s “elites”

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The UFO community has lost a lot of UFO biggies to death or departure.

And in the clutch of UFO-addicted persons left to keep ufology and UFOs alive, resides a few personages who count.

(I’m certainly not in that clutch, being a disruptor and quirky, often foolish UFO addict, so this posting is not about me.)

Jacques Vallee is the ultimate king of the UFO elites; no one disputes that, no sane person anyway.

Kevin Randle, by his longevity and erudite stance(s) and views, is an elite, as is Nick Redfern, whose proclivity makes him a stand-out in the UFO cluster.

Paul Kimball was a key UFO member of the ufological elite but has withdrawn for politics and cultural pursuits and a Facebook addiction that has taken hold of him.

(Mac Tonnies, friend of Paul and Nick, was an elite thinker about UFOs and lots of other related things, now deceased, too young as it happened, leaving an opening in the arena of thinkers and elites among the UFO crowd.)

Stanton Friedman’s status as a wannabe elite has waned with age and his non-relevance to UFOs or ufology today.

Greg Bishop, Red Pill Junkie, Jeff Ritzmann, and the people in their circles, are not elites, not by a long shot; they are just a notch up from the UFO rabble that haunts ufology.

Michael Swords, once a quiet member of the elite club, has retired pretty much, as UFO geezers are wont to do as they get near to that final door of life.

Leslie Kean is a UFO elite because of her professional writings and demeanor, a real high spot for ufology.

The side-bar residents of Frank Warren’s UFO Chronicles all fall far below an elite classification or status, as I see it, and you might agree as the names there are little known or accomplished.

The one-time pantheon of ufological top-notchers has thinned for various reasons, which explains why UFOs and ufology have also thinned as a pertinent topic for society.

I could name a few other persons, at the edge of the elite spotlight (Micah Hanks, for instance) and a few who are too scummy to even acknowledge.

But you get my ornery drift: ufology and UFOs are adrift without captains who are elite in any sense, except for those noted atop here.

May the few I see as exemplary in their ufological efforts live long and prosper, even after the UFO phenomenon sinks into a oblivion created by the UFO rabble who wont leave the topic alone, pushing it further into submission and perdition by their stupid, hubristic ramblings and output, me among them.



  • You forgot Jerome Clark. Where does he stand?

    You write:

    "Jacques Vallee is the ultimate king of the UFO elites; no one disputes that, no sane person anyway."

    I dispute this. Therefore, by your logic, I am insane. (OK maybe I am).

    By Blogger cda, at Monday, June 05, 2017  

  • CDA:

    What's your beef with Jacques Vallee?

    He's been a moderate, sensible voice in ufology?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, June 05, 2017  

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